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COPE An Overview

  •    Had great help from Helen; learned how to cope, deal with things lot better, got out a bad stage out my life and feeling really good.
    (Service user)
  •    This is my second appointment with COPE; after just one session I felt amazing difference to quality of my life and was looking forward to my appointment with Sheila..
    (Service user)
  •    I’m hugely grateful for the help COPE gives. Feel like I’m not a lost cause Thank You.
    (Service user)
  •    Fiona was very professional, friendly, and sympathetic. I was impressed by the relaxation rooms and general ambiance.
    (Service user)


A dynamic organisation led by people with lived experience of mental distress and health inequalities.

Working with individuals and communities in a spirit of mutual respect we are committed to tackling health inequalities.

Seeking to find and implement solutions to the issues which can cause distress...... working with partner organisations COPE seek to address some of the broader issues which can lead to distress and inequality for individuals, families and communities.

Our philosophy

  1. We care, it matters to us that what we do is of use to people.
  2. We respect, we know only by working together can real change for the better occur and are committed to the principles of co design, production and delivery
  3. We understand that often life can be challenging. Being more resilient or self-managing that which has no easy answers or immediate solution is the best we can do. Pain in life is inevitable, suffering is optional
  4. We promote strategies which can help us learn to live with the challenge, or uncertainty and being able to find meaning and purpose to our lives regardless of what life throws.
  5. We believe it's learning to be kind to ourselves and others which can lead to improved well being
  6. We know often when we live in the past we are depressed, when we live in the future we can be anxious but to live in peace we must learn to live in the present, even if the present is uncomfortable don't shy away from it instead learn to let go and just be
  7. We are here, sometimes life can be really challenging and you don't know where to turn, feeling alone can make this worse. If life's journey gets a bit rocky, we are here to help smooth out the bumps, or improve your suspension!

Our operations

If you live in the West Community Planning area then you can make an appointment by phoning 944 5490, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop in to 20 Drumchapel Road and make an appointment to see someone.

You won't always be seen there and then but you can drop in and arrange an appointment.

You can also be referred by other agencies who maybe supporting you.

GPs and other health professionals from out with these communities should only refer to COPE if the person lives in these areas, or it would be in the best interests of the person to attend COPE.

There are other statutory or third sector health funded services, contact your GP for details or local Community Health Partnership.

COPE has no complicated referrals forms, you just phone or drop in, we will ask you a couple of questions and a return appointment to speak to someone face to face will be offered within 10 working days, sooner where possible. A return appointment after the initial session is offered within one week.


Contact Details

20 Drumchapel Road G15 6QE

Phone numbers

0141 944 5490/fax 944 5492

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am - 5.30pm,
Tuesday 9am - 5.00pm,
Friday 9am - 2.30pm

Emergency Contacts

NHS 24

NHS 24 Website:
{08454 242424}.


Samaritan's Website:
{116 123}

Breathing Space

Breathing Space's Website:
{0800 83 85 87}