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People have often said how welcoming and calming COPE Scotland's premises are

.....that the atmosphere probably does people as much good as the interventions offered, sometimes we know the answers ourselves we just need the space and quiet to think and reflect, our relaxation rooms offer this and are very well utilised.

COPE Scotland feels it is important to mention our landlord John Oliver.

We did not always have such great premises.

John created this space for us at his own cost at a time when we did not even know if we would secure extension of funding.

But he took a gamble on us and did the work anyway.

Since we moved here in 1995 we secured funding from the Social Inclusion Partnership and our own fund raising efforts to install a new central heating system and create two new individual support rooms.

What's in our premises?

COPE Scotland has dedicated training, individual work and relaxation rooms for groups or individual sessions.

There are 2 dedicated relaxation rooms, where clients can sit and relax in an electronic massage chair (thanks to a donation by the Edrington Group) , listen to music or watch a DVD of their choice.

You would be asked to complete a disclaimer before using the chair and may need to seek medical advice before using it as there are some conditions where use of the massage chair would not be helpful.

Our training and seminar room caters for groups of up to 30 people, and a variety of workshops are on offer.

  1. We have a range of technology for effective training and presentations.
  2. Light refreshments can be supplied through on-site kitchen facilities.
  3. A comfortable, open-plan seating area provides an informal setting for group discussions and meetings, however individual work rooms are used for private sessions.

Contact Details

20 Drumchapel Road G15 6QE

Phone numbers

0141 944 5490/fax 944 5492

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am - 5.30pm,
Tuesday 9am - 5.00pm,
Friday 9am - 2.30pm

Emergency Contacts

NHS 24

NHS 24 Website:
{08454 242424}.


Samaritan's Website:
{116 123}

Breathing Space

Breathing Space's Website:
{0800 83 85 87}