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12 festive wellbeing days!


We started the alternative 12 days of Christmas as a bit of fun with the good morning emails, which we send out Mon-Thurs each week. 

For anyone wondering about the 'your mental health still matters, good morning emails' these are wee (well not so wee sometimes!) emails Hilda sends out offering tips and ideas and general musings about the current situation and ideas where we maybe can look after our wellbeing, as much as possible, in what are the strangest times most of us have ever lived in. These are also the most painful times for many people. 

Looking after our wellbeing matters more than ever. If you would like added to the list of people, who get the daily good morning, please email us via the contact page and Hilda will add you to the email. Everyone is BCC. There is no expectation you read it every day, reply, or do anything which it which doesn't make sense for you. 

Hilda started this when we went into Lockdown and people have fed back, they find it helpful, so has kept doing it. It is sent out with love, absolutely nothing is expected except if you find it helpful have a wee read, if you don't feel free to delete.

For some fun, Hilda came up with the alternative 12 days of Christmas and from feedback people have enjoyed it so here is the full version. Be kind where it doesn't rhyme, it's sent with kindness and love and the hope we can all find a 2021 which is kinder to everyone. It starts from 12 and works back 😊 enjoy

On the 12th day of Christmas COPEScotland invited me:

  1. Write down 12 things you like about you
  2. Don't wait till the 11th hour to make a change!
  3. 3 10min activity everyday to charge your batteries
  4. 9 tips for better sleeping
  5. 8 wee changes can make a big difference
  6. 7 days each week, to start again
  7. 6 minutes reading's good for wellbeing
  8. It's ok to say arrgghh!!!!! With five ex-cla-ma-tion marks!
  9. 4 affirmations
  10. 3minute relaxer
  11. 2 sheets to help with festive stress!
  12. And a maaaagazinnnne full of winter tips!''

If you would like some inspiration on how to take forward the 12 steps please consider:

  1. Things you like about you:
  2. Embracing change and not being afraid to fail
  3. Ideas to recharge your batteries
  4. Tips for a better night's sleep
  5. Steps to managing stress
  6. Finding meaning in every day
  7. Ideas which are good for wellbeing
  8. Recognising we have emotions and controlling them not letting them control us
  9. How to create your own affirmation jar
  10. Relaxation video
  11. Tips to beat festive stress
  12. A Magazine full of winter tips

if you want, why not make a wee promise to yourself to even adopt one wee new change which is good for your wellbeing? We can all be tested at times, and the current pandemic is testing most of us, looking after ourselves isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. Remember people do care

Viewing the world through a lens of optimism!
Walking on the sunny side of the street

Useful/Emergency Contacts

  • Silverline 0800 4 70 80 90
  • Childeline 0800 1111
  • ParentLine 08000 28 22 33
  • Samaritans 116 123
  • Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
  • NHS 111
  • Gamblers anonymous 0370 050 8881
  • Narcotics anonymous 0300 999 1212
  • Alcoholics anonymous 0800 9177 6506
  • CALM 0800 58 58 58
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