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Safe Space Workshop Session FOUR ‘’ Bringing it all together agreeing the plan using a Mind Map’’


Thank you to everyone who has accessed sessions ONE, TWO and THREE of the online training. We are really sorry for the delay in getting session 4 out there, circumstances beyond our control and a learning curve. 

We were designing the sessions as we went along in case, we needed to tweak anything from feedback. In future we will load all sessions at the same time where a course runs over more than one session, means people aren't left waiting. 

Creating this FREE online learning is new to us too and we are learning as we go. Again though, we are sorry and hope you find session FOUR worth the wait.

COPEScotland is really excited to hear and connect with so many people wanting to make a difference and start their own peer-led or informal groups. Helping create conditions where others can acquire new skills and tools to fulfil their dreams is also an ambition of COPE Scotland, as no one service has all the answers. It is when we share, in a spirit of kindness, the magic can happen.

We know often people may have long waits to see someone or be discharged from a service and feel adrift and disconnected, and the loneliness and feelings of disconnection can impact on mental and emotional wellbeing on top of any other challenges the person may be facing with their own or a loved ones' health or circumstances.

Peer support and informal groups which are run well can be a lifeline for people, maybe even a lifesaver. The aim of the sessions is to offer some ideas which may help support developing Peer-led and informal groups which create a safe space for everyone

  • Session ONE began to explore, why people may like to be with others. It also began to look at the different needs people may have depending on whether they were introvert or extrovert, it also touched on the challenges of loneliness and isolation.
  • Session TWO picked up from some of the points in session ONE and began to explore the value of peer-Led and Informal groups, the idea of the AIM and Purpose of the group, participants are thinking about, and using a Vision Board began to focus on what it is the group want to move towards
  • Session THREE built on to sessions ONE and TWO and began to explore some challenges which can be faced and considering how to create conditions which support safe spaces to help the group remain a safe and welcome space for all its members.
  • Session FOUR is a reminder of the previous points covered and offers some final tools and ideas to help people consider what matters to their peer-led or informal group and what actions they may need to think about taking. Session FOUR aims to bring together all the points covered.

We hope you have found the materials useful, for Creating Psychologically Safe Spaces in Peer-led and Informal groups and please feel free to send us any comments

Our next online training course will be around confidence building and will have materials people can use individually or with groups. 

Our online confidence course isn't a replacement for professional advice, it aims to offer people tools and insights they can use for their own personal development
Every life does matter, your life matters
How charged does your personal battery feel right ...

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