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The power of poetry and affirmations


COPEScotland were very grateful to see a tweet @drsbutler and @PoetrySociety about a piece in the Guardian @guardian about the impact of Poetry on mental wellbeing.

We constantly work with the voices of lived experience to find new and better ways to promote good mental health and wellbeing and find new coping strategies to help self-manage long term conditions. 

One of these developments was affirmation cards. 

They are a deck of 52 cards, each with an inspiring message, the messages came about following coproduction and design sessions with the voices of lived experience. We had them professionally printed and we put them into little bags to keep them from becoming torn or lost, people also comment how the little bags make them feel just that little bit more special.

So far, we have produced 3 different sets:

  • Affirmations to boost self-confidence and belief
  • Affirmations to regain a sense of life purpose
  • Affirmations to remember the joy of learning

We are working on a 4th set with young people around what message of hope they would offer to themselves or a friend to help them feel better if they were sad, confused, isolated or afraid. What message the young would offer to help support better mental wellbeing?

The cards including the bag cost around £1.50 each, the impact for some has been priceless. The feedback we've had on impact has encouraged us to invest further funds in reprints. Where other groups or individuals have helped us with printing costs we are grateful as we want these cards; where possible, to be shared with as many people as possible for free.

How people use them is take a card at random, every day, week, or when you need it, reflect on what the message says to you, if that card doesn't speak to you, select another. They can be used alone, or in groups or even at team meetings to help the team focus and also care for their wellbeing. We cannot afford to share hard copies with the world, but the digital world helps us share digital copies for free. If you like you can scroll down and stop at a card at random, reflect on, what did that card mean to me, what new message will I repeat to myself.

Affirmations are like mini poems, why not work on your own affirmations to inspire and offer hope

Remember, we are listening to what we say to ourselves, so please be kind to yourself as words do have power.

Using the senses to relax
You’re having a laugh!

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