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The scented sitooterie

The scented sitooterie

 Okay, I hear some ask whit's sitooteries, well It's also known as a small building or area where people can sit outside. However, sitooteries is such a super word let's just call it that! Scented sitooterie, well, that has a nice ring to it!.

This year has been a strange one with COVID19 and all its brought, however, having something to look forward to and plan for can help us not feel too overwhelmed, it reminds us a time will come when this is behind us and our lives will feel less restricted and sitooteries will play a part in helping us get reconnected to each other.

Now Sitooteries could be done solo, have a wee sit oot and read a book, or, watch the world go by, or, it can be a social space, where you sit oot with others and have a blether! Now I personally don't really like the definition of blether as I read online. 

'' talk in a long-winded way without making very much sense.'.

"To me, a good blether is having a chat, chewing the fat (Chat in a friendly, leisurely way, as in ''Let's get together for cuppa and chew the fat".

One thing people often share they have missed, are those informal meetups with people they know and just having a wee blether about life, the universe and everything and to talk about other stuff apart from……………COVID-19!.

Growchapel has had the brakes applied due to COVID-19 as have so many things. However, it's just stepped down a gear, it hasn't stopped. 

The latest Growchapel newsletter will be in issue 12 of the 'whit's happening' to share some of the work, which is still going on. This is going to happen and together in Drumchapel, we can make it a really magical place.

Part of Growchapel will be that place to connect, grow things, meet up with others and guess what yes, there will be benches for places to sitoot and blether ………. with plans for a pizza oven. So, some pizza and the sitoot and blether and some tattie salad made from the tatties grown in the beds and some salad again homegrown for the community to share, now that's something worth planning for isn't it?

Since COVID-19 COPE one to one support has moved to a phone service which is working fine, however, we miss having that wee bit of us, in the heart of Drumchapel where we started and which will be there long after we are gone. 

With Growchapel, local residents and the local Community Links practitioners we are planning a scented sitooterie! 

The idea being to have an area people can come, plant flowers, herbs and other things which delight the senses, and where seating designed by the local community will be so people can sit, take in the lovely smells of the plants, work on the scented garden, chat, or a bit of all of that! We never wanted to grow an empire but an idea and being part of growing a scented garden future generations can enjoy, supporting their wellbeing, that's something we find exciting. Kindness to ourselves, each other and the planet is one way we build a better world for the future..

Scent can have such significant impacts sometimes on how we feel. This wee book on essential oils doesn't replace the advice of a clinical aromatherapist but may be of interest if you want to know more about aromatherapy.

This wee video shows how we can use all our senses to relax

We are living in strange times, this will pass, for now, we need to hold on. Having something to look forward to, planning time to relax and recharge can help. 

Make time for you, you are worth it, people care, I care, if you want to find out more please contact me through the contacts' page.

Together we can take small steps to build back better.

Wee ideas tae help plan in case ye need tae self-i...
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