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They say a change is as good as a rest - what about a change of mind?


 It would be great to think everything in the world was super, that there were no wars, that the environment wasn't under extreme stress, that people were only every kind to each other, that all policies made by Governments were in the interest of all of the people, that no one knew what it was to be hungry or afraid.

That there were cures for all illnesses and no one had any pain. It would be great if………………..

We all know, the world isn't like that. However, there is a risk when we focus on everything which is wrong in the world we miss what is right. The kindness of strangers, the Governments who do want fairer policies, the countries who do want to stop fighting, the researchers working day and night for cures, the pioneers looking for ways to reverse climate change and help heal the planet. There is still so much in the world which offers us hope.

The same can happen in our own lives, things maybe aren't as we would like them and we focus in on that, before we know it, all we can see is what is wrong and we become blind to what may be right. That doesn't mean life isn't challenging at times and thinking happy thoughts alone will make it all right. BUT, there are some simple things we can do which can help us maybe reframe our thinking so we are in a better place to face, manage or learn to live with the challenges life has thrown.

This wee tips sheet offers some useful ideas on how to change your mind, it doesn't wave a magic wand and make everything all right, but it may just help to make it more bearable.

Please be kind to yourself, since the beginning of time, till the end of the Universe there will only ever be one you, you are a special unique human being and you matter.

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