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Tips for thinking more clearly.


Our minds are pretty amazing; however, we are not machines. 

While we can process a lot of information, we also have emotional responses to the information we are processing, hopes, fears, anxieties and if we don't pause to take the time to work through what is in our minds, then very quickly, we can begin to feel overwhelmed.

In an earlier piece, we spoke about problem-solving and steps to consider if we want to resolve or find ways to mitigate the impact of the challenge. Having a clearer mind and feeling calmer helps us to keep our mind on track and not be distracted in 101 other directions, which can happen all to easily when we have too many things to deal with.

The tips sheet does not replace professional advice, there can be other reasons why we are not thinking clearly and if you have concerns please do speak to your GP. Sometimes some changes in our diet can help, or making sure we don't become dehydrated, our brains need water! 

So please make sure and drink water regularly throughout the day.

The following tips sheet offers some ideas which may help you think more clearly, and the wee postcard also offers some tips including, if you want, the option to make a promise to yourself of the steps you plan to take to improve your clarity of thought.

Thinking clearly is so important for our wellbeing. It enables us to respond to situations and not react. It helps us if we have a task ahead, perhaps studying, sitting an exam, preparing for a job interview, answering questions at the interview. 

It also helps us recognise when perhaps we are getting ready to make an impulsive emotional decision, which we may later regret, and allows us space to reflect or wait until our minds are clearer. We have also spoken in the site around boundaries and a clearer head enables us to maintain boundaries. 

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we agree to something we didn't really want, it's just by agreeing, its one less thing to think about…………for now! However, later, we may come to regret not saying no.

When we are thinking clearly, we are more able to determine something which is within, or out with our control and when our minds are cluttered with 101 things, which perhaps are not helpful for us, we can direct the supercomputer that is our brain to finding answers to the questions we really need to resolve. 

Thinking clearly can also help us be more mindful of our inner voice and whether it is kind and supportive or critical. There is a video on the site on being mindful of how we speak to ourselves. 

Clearer thinking often leads to being less self-critical by recognising, no one gets it right all the time and rather than beat ourselves up about the mistakes we make; as we all make them, learn from those mistakes so there is less chance of repeating them in future. 

There is also a piece on the site about feeling good about ourselves, maybe worth a read.

Enjoy the wee tips sheet and if thinking more clearly is something which matters to you, I hope you find something there of value. 

In desperate times, much more than anything else, folks need perspective. For perspective brings calm. Calm leads to clear thinking. Clear thinking yields new ideas. And ideas produce the bloom...of an answer. Keep your head and heart clear. Perspective can just as easily be lost as it can be found

Andy Andrews
Feeling good being me!
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