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Understanding more about benefit sanctions and how health professionals can help

Understanding more about benefit sanctions and how health professionals can help

Thanks to the support of many partners and people with experience of being sanctioned we co-produced a booklet on benefit sanctions, how to avoid, appeal, and survive them. 

Thanks, to the Scottish Health Council and People's Assembly Scotland for purchasing copies for distribution. We will have 4.500 copies being shared throughout Scotland FREE as well as being available online. This forms part of our self-management campaign for 2017, on the challenges of inequality on long term condition management, funded by the Transforming Self-Management in Scotland Fund, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

COPE Scotland is not saying benefit sanctions are fair or right. 

We recognise while they exist, people will suffer, and we want to do something to mitigate the impact of this where we can. 

COPE Scotland is keen to explore with other partners their views, on asking people they offer a service to:

''Do you have a Claimant Commitment''.

If the person says they do to then explore any challenges this may present for them and what support they may need, or, links to other services if needed. 

Also ask if they or any of their family have been sanctioned and link to supports if needed. We are aware of older adults living on tea and biscuits as they have given their pension to a relative who was sanctioned. We don't all need to become welfare rights experts, but if we know how to signpost people to help, we can mitigate the impact and suffering people may experience.

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