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Wee tips to cope when life feels strange


Think it safe to say, most of us recognise life at the moment isn't the way it usually is, at all. 

On top of whatever worries or challenges we had before, we now have the challenges COVID19 bring. 

Stay at home unless for the following reasons

  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (BUT only if you cannot work from home)
  • If you do need to go out for food, health reasons or work (BUT only if you cannot work from home) stay 2meters apart from other people
  • Wash your hands for around 20sec as soon as you get home
  • Also, avoid touching your face.
We know what they are without me listing every single one but just to do a wee reminder, so we are clear why at this time feeling anxious, angry, sad and a whole host of other emotions is natural:​

  • Our usual routines are out the window
  • We were managing our recovery, now we are finding it harder
  • We may be worried about money or work in the future
  • We maybe find it hard to manage on what money we have just now
  • We know help is available, but we don't like to ask for it
  • Relationships which were strained are even more strained, we may even worry about violence
  • We maybe have caring responsibilities for someone else as well as our own family
  • We may have children/teenagers in the house and worry about them and how they are coping (maybe visit the wee piece we did on 'Being Young in Lockdown')
  • We may be shielded and find that worrying, we may be shielded and find that comforting as well though
  • We may not be shielded but have health challenges, so, worry about going out for basic essentials
  • We may not have health challenges, but worry about going out for basic essentials
  • Where we stay may make it hard to exercise once a day away from other people
  • We maybe don't go out and exercise, as we worry about contracting the virus
  • We maybe find we are working from home and finding it hard to adjust
  • We may feel bombarded with information and not know who to believe
  • A significant event has been cancelled, or, we missed the funeral of a loved one
  • Something we were waiting on being resolved is now on hold
  • We maybe miss seeing friends, family, clubs and places we used to visit and wonder, when will this end?
  • ……………………………………………………… the list goes on

We didn't expect a virus could cause so much disruption, but it has. 

For us to be able to move past this time and for life to get back to something we recognise as 'normal' and not feel so strange, we do need to follow the guidance on social distancing and to look after ourselves and take the necessary precautions, to reduce the risk, of more of us contracting the virus. 

Please take this guidance from reliable sources, the misinformation which is going around in some ways can be as dangerous as the virus itself as people believing misinformation, could put lives at risk.

These links may be helpful for factual information. For more information on social distancing please visit


Police Scotland advice - across the UK share, they are beginning to see evidence that fraudsters are increasingly targeting the public and organizations with emails, texts, telephone calls and WhatsApp messages offering advice and treatment for the coronavirus. For more information.

NHS Inform

NHS inform is NHS 24's national health information service. 

It provides accurate information to help you make informed decisions about your own health and the health of the people you care for. 

NHS inform has enhanced features and digital tools:

  • Info for Me, a tool that helps you gather information relevant to you that can be easily printed, saved or shared
  • Self-help guides for common illnesses and injuries.
  • Scotland's Service Directory, support groups and thousands of NHS services in Scotland.

Scotland's Service Directory

Glasgow residents are now being offered a simpler way to find local health and support services online through a new collaboration between NHS 24, Macmillan Cancer Support and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (The Alliance). 

Entitled Scotland's Services Directory, the digital service will collate local quality-assured health and care services all in one website. 

Scotland's Service Directory has been developed by NHS 24 in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and The Alliance. 

The directory is being made available on NHS Inform, Scotland's national health information website. 

Useful information to share with children about COVID 19

Child protection

Child Protection Committees Scotland's Keeping Kids Safe campaign urges everyone to look out for vulnerable children and young people at risk from neglect or abuse during the COVID-19 outbreak and stresses the need for the public to join the efforts to protect children now that many of the usual safeguards are not in place. For more information

Multilingual information on COVID 19

Multi-lingual COVID-19 information, including Romanian, Slovak, Romanian Romanes & Slovak Romanes.

We have also put together a wee tips sheet, for some ideas of things which may help us cope when life feels strange. While it's natural to worry, worry in itself can cause stress, which in turn isn't good for our immune system. So, it's maybe finding a balance, of recognising, we are in strange times, however, we are in it together. 

Help and support are available, and people are wanting to be there for each other, and there are things which are within our control which can help us feel and be safer. No one is saying this is easy, but the human race is pretty adaptable and we as individuals are stronger than we realise. 

While we may not see the people, who matter to us while in lockdown, they are still there. As a wise wee bear once said:

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"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart…I'll always be with you."

by A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh Library
Leadership comes in many guises and hope can be co...
Being Young in Lockdown

Useful/Emergency Contacts

  • Silverline 0800 4 70 80 90
  • Childeline 0800 1111
  • ParentLine 08000 28 22 33
  • Samaritans 116 123
  • Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
  • NHS 111
  • Gamblers anonymous 0370 050 8881
  • Narcotics anonymous 0300 999 1212
  • Alcoholics anonymous 0800 9177 6506
  • CALM 0800 58 58 58
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