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Whit’s happening! Issue 4


First, can I thank my colleague from soapbox design who worked with me till after 4 on a public holiday to make sure we got this issue ready in time, very much appreciated I think when we clap on a Thursday night its worth remembering the many people who don't work directly for NHS or Care, but who care and want to help be a part of making a difference, including printers and designers helping share messages of hope and promote connectivity?

Attached issue 4 of Whit's happening, we are trying with this wee info mag to capture in one place references to new strategies, links to services, some tips on coping with the current restrictions and this time a recipe! Offered by a colleague again appreciated. 

Knowledge is power and in these times of uncertainty knowing where to get information or people to connect to is really important for helping us maybe feel more in control of what is happening in our own lives.

Please stick the kettle on, take 15min to read through the mag and see what is there, and please let me know anything you think is missing, we are keeping updating this and there are changes from last time. 

The old issues are also on our site, so each new issue will be an update, so please do share with anyone you know.

This is a mag led by the needs people have for info, so let me know what info you want, can't say will always find it, will say I will always try. When I say I care, it's not a glib statement, it's true, been told many times I care too much, well…………… do you know how the name COPE came about? 

Long story short, we were named by the community originally we were the Drumchapel Mental Health Consumer Enablement project (CEP for short) which didn't like, so asked local people who knew us, please give us a new name, I came back later to see C.O.P.E. written on a flip chart I asked what it stood for and was told Caring Over People's Emotions…………that made me smile as the people we serve recognised we cared and put it into our name. 

We make mistakes like everyone else; we would love to be able to do even more than we can, but we all have our limitations, but we have never stopped caring and never will 😊

Together we can help more people get through this, including ourselves. Stay safe

This edition of Whit's Happening includes:
  1. Information and links around COVID19
  2. Tips for coping with the 'emotional rollercoaster' of COVID-19
  3. Some things to maybe get involved with
  4. Services and supports
  5. Asylum and Refugees
  6. Abuse and protection from abuse
  7. Children, young people and families
  8. Death and Grief
  9. Emergency services websites and COVID 19
  10. Employment, Business, Information for employers
  11. Finance and money advice
  12. Help during the COVID-19 outbreak
  13. Drumchapel Cares
  14. Helplines
  15. Mental/Emotional Health and stress management
  16. Older Adults
  17. Pets
  18. Physical Health
  19. Places of worship
  20. Recovery Services
  21. Sexual health services
  22. Tasty Recipe for sweet or savoury crepes
The Art of Conversation
COVID 19 an Emotional Roller Coaster

Useful/Emergency Contacts

  • Silverline 0800 4 70 80 90
  • Childeline 0800 1111
  • ParentLine 08000 28 22 33
  • Samaritans 116 123
  • Breathing Space 0800 83 85 87
  • NHS 111
  • Gamblers anonymous 0370 050 8881
  • Narcotics anonymous 0300 999 1212
  • Alcoholics anonymous 0800 9177 6506
  • CALM 0800 58 58 58
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