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Training and Advice to Agencies

COPE Scotland provides an extensive menu of training, this is also available through our trading arm TLC2COPE which can conduct organisational learning needs assessments and develop bespoke packages of training to organisations and agencies who would pay for this service.

Profits from which are reinvested in the charity COPE Scotland.

Other training and support to agencies

  1. Workshops on SafeTALK- Suicide Alertness training.
  2. Workshops on SuicideTalk – Suicide Alertness training.
  3. Workshops on working with a variety of mental health conditions from schizophrenia to bi polar disorders.
  4. Training on the use of the motivation tool CAN DO....ways of supporting peoples motivation.
  5. Training on Teach Yourself and Others to Relax.Workshops on well being promotion.
  6. Workshops on use of essential oils.Information on mental health in a variety of formats.

Contact Details

20 Drumchapel Road G15 6QE

Phone numbers

0141 944 5490/fax 944 5492

Opening Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
9am - 5.30pm,
Tuesday 9am - 5.00pm,
Friday 9am - 2.30pm

Emergency Contacts

NHS 24

NHS 24 Website:
{08454 242424}.


Samaritan's Website:
{116 123}

Breathing Space

Breathing Space's Website:
{0800 83 85 87}