Session planning, evaluation and feedback

This is the timetable for the session.

Download print copy of session planning

Group Size

Ideally, the maximum group size would be 12 but can be smaller depending on the number of people wishing to start a group


To begin a conversation for people setting up or supporting a peer-led or informal group why people like to be with others and why in the main most people are social at heart.


  • Create safe relaxed space for people to share and learn
  • Raise awareness of future sessions and what they shall cove
  • Explore the difference between people who are introverts and extroverts
  • Share a link to free online Myers Briggs for anyone interested in completing same to see what their personality type may be, reminding people our experiences can change us, so this is for fun, not a ‘clinical’ intervention. Simply something to make people think about what makes them tick if they want to try this
  • Explore why people don’t like being lonely
  • Begin to discuss the purpose of the group people are planning, invite people to reflect on this for the next session

Materials needed

  • Laptop and projector and speakers
  • Access to the internet and links to videos
  • A room where a group can work undisturbed which is comfortable
  • Tea coffee and refreshments
  • Specific access requirements if needed e.g. portable loop system
  • Pens and paper for notes
  • Flipchart and pens
  • Post it's for feedback
  • Slides
  • Materials to support evaluation technique being used

Training techniques used

  • Mini-lecture
  • Facilitated discussion
  • Video
  • Group discussion


This can be done over 3 hours the following times are examples
9-9.30 Registration
9.30-10.30 Relaxation exercise, discussing safety rules for the group, doing an ice breaker introduction e.g. getting to know your bingo, or, invite people to share their name and one group they have been part of they enjoyed and why. If doing the latter capture responses on flipchart
10.30-11 Introversion versus extroversion
11-11.15 Tea break
11.15-11.45 Watching video lethality of loneliness
11.45-12.15 Group discussion on aims and purpose of group they are planning
12.15-12.30 Any final points, reminder of next session and evaluation

Evaluation and feedback

It may be you have your own feedback forms or would like to use this one called. an ‘H’ diagram

  • Draw a large H on a sheet of flipchart
  • One side of the H write ‘What could we have done better’
  • On the other side of the H write ‘What did we do well
  • Under the bar of the H write ‘What could we do differently next time’
  • Above the bar of the H write on a sliding scale from 1-10 where 1 is poor and 10 is excellent

People are given post its and asked to complete one post it for each section, so in total there are 4 post its for each person, 3 comments and one a number score.
There are many forms of evaluation, this is a simple one people who maybe are uncomfortable with forms often enjoy.

For people with issues around writing, you may in advance of the session collect images which people can then select at the end of the workshop to express what they thought e.g. images of people with different facial expressions.

Or, if you and the group feel safe to share openly have a discussion around how that went.

Or ask people to draw an image to reflect what they thought of the session. There are many evaluation techniques find one which works for your group.

The main point is to find out, did the session meet the group's needs, what worked, what didn’t work and what maybe could be done differently next time

Thank people for coming and close


  • Monday, 18 February 2019



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