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Being cheery matters


The following wee tips and card follow on from that and offers some ideas on being more cheerful. As ever, what we offer on the site is for wellbeing promotion, self-management, and self-care, it doesn't replace professional advice.

We have offered some pieces already on the website about the importance of optimism and , which include tips and affirmation personal promise cards.  

There can be reasons why we may feel far from cheerful, we may even consider suicide our mood is so low. If you are feeling despairing just now, please speak to someone.

Remember the Samaritans are there 24/7 365 Tel No 116 123, also speak to your GP or other health care professionals about support near you. 

You do matter.

There is no two ways about it, sometimes life is a challenge and we do have a rough road ahead of us. However, we all only have so much energy, so it's what we visualise that can help us use that wisely. 

Focus on the problems (and yes, they exist) we can become overwhelmed and exhausted, focus on solutions, finding things still to appreciate, no matter how small, ways to mitigate the impact of the challenges then our energy is conserved, can be topped up and is directed in helping us suffer less, live more.

We also need to remember our networks and we don't need to do this alone and if we aren't part of a network then look at how this can change. We often think of networks around work, but we have friends, community, family, they too are networks and sometimes we have more go to people than we realise. 

Sometimes we need to find ways to add more go to people to our network and consider what we can offer others as well as what we can benefit from. Being close to people can matter for many of us.

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It's important also to recognise, being cheery doesn't mean you don't feel overwhelmed at times. It can be quite exhausting at times keeping up this ' happy face' when you want to say 'arghhhhhhhhh!' 

So instead, you come up with something you think is what everyone needs to hear, but it isn't how you feel! 

But you don't want to be seen to be ''negative'', where in fact, you are not being negative just being honest, not wanting 'fixed' or 'attention' or ''anyone to be concerned' or feel they need to ''do something'', just simply to share how you really feel and be heard and your feelings respected as all our feelings matter. This is why networks matter as we all need someone, we can talk to about how we really feel.

Often people who usually deal with challenges well and are seen as cheery, can find it hard to recognise that they are depressed until it gets to a point, they can't ignore it, or, because they are the ones everyone else expects to have the answers. 

They may find it hard to say, 'I don't know!!'' ''I am struggling with this, help!'' Having coping strategies and being resilient can help us deal with life challenges however, being resilient and someone who is seen by others to 'cope' all the time, can make it harder to express when we don't feel 100%.

While we may have an optimistic and cheerful outlook on life, we also need to recognise sometimes we do feel drained or overwhelmed and not feel we need to be the one who always is the energy giver when others are flat, we too need sometimes just to be able to say 'I am not okay' so we can then look at how we get back to feeling better. 

Remember we are not responsible for all that is wrong in the world, and none of us alone can fix it.

We need to believe things can change and visualise what we want that change to be then begin to step into that reality imagining its already happened Tips on visualisation and remember networks, we don't need to do it alone. If something is in front of us we need to deal with then being cheerful and optimistic can help give us the energy to address it, just remember, its okay before starting to look for solutions, or ways to mitigate the impact to recognise how we feel about the road ahead.

Choose to be optimistic, it feels better

 Dalai Lama XIV
Whit’s happening April issue 2021!

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