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We can all make a difference in helping reduce Gambling Harms


COPEScotland is really grateful to everyone who gave their time to attend the chat with me zoom session and the follow up event with The Alliance from Alliance 2020 and Scotland Reducing Gambling Harms programme.

What's really clear is there are many people who recognise the public health crisis that gambling harms is becoming and the increased risks when people are isolated due to all the upheaval and stress that the pandemic is causing. There is also a clear recognition we need to move away from blaming individuals and begin to recognise gambling disorder is a condition which needs to be understood and new co-ordinated pathways of support made available. Including improved recognition of issues of gambling from caregivers including GP's. 

We need to look at gambling harms through a trauma-informed lens and for real change to happen, we need to find ways to work across non-traditional boundaries and be led by the voices of lived experience.

There is also a need to look at the wider issues around how gambling is advertised, and why often it can be people made vulnerable by inequality which find they are even more at risk.. 

One simple suggestion which came from the come chat with me session and was given a positive reception at the Alliance event was to have scratch cards behind a shutter the same as we now do with cigarettes, it was recognised for many, scratch cards can be a significant challenge in terms of gambling harms.

There were some super presentations and contributions at the sessions including:

This video by Machine Zone Of their walk from Ibrox to Celtic park to raise awareness of Gambling Harms.

A presentation by Recover Me of the recover Me App

The exciting work being done by Gamvisory and partners around developing awareness training for GP's and other health professionals

Developments with Mind and Draw around how we can use the Arts to create safe spaces to talk about Gambling Harms

The notes from the come chat with me session are in issue 11 of whit's happening along with a piece from Fast Forward Gambling Education Hub

There is a lot of work to do to get from here to there, we just wanted to offer a wee update of what we heard and what we are doing about it. If we all do a little it can add up to a lot

  • We are sponsoring Art and chat sessions with Mind and Draw also including costs for a social reporter to feedback on emerging themes and ideas. It's our aspiration if the participants agree to use the artwork as part of an exhibition and also create posters which can be displayed locally to signpost people to the Recover me app as well as other sources of support.
  • We are investing £1,500 into the Recover me app in order that 50 people can have free access to the app for one year, we are also working with Recover Me to explore how we support them to make a promo video of the app which can be shared to raise awareness of it
  • We are redrafting and producing the tips for gambling harms awareness in light of new resources which are available also removing the when the fun stops, stop logo which many voices of lived experience do not agree with and can create barriers to people reading further what is put forward
  • We will continue each whit's happening to include a section on gambling harms and building further links with Machine zone and other partners so they can share what they are doing via this mag
  • We are working with Gamvisory to pilot with the COPE one to one team and local interested partners, gambling harms awareness training to improve our screening and awareness of how to identify and link to appropriate support
  • Screening for gambling harms will become the norm within the COPE one to one service practice and we shall champion this approach with colleagues
  • We shall write blogs for partners sites on the roles we can all play to be gambling harms champions
  • Longer-term we will be exploring funding to develop other materials which may help address unhelpful coping strategies
  • We are working on a wee poster for the West of Glasgow which people can use to help identify current supports available, which shall be updated as things change

Working with Scotland's reducing gambling harms programme we produced several Jigsaw lids of various stakeholders' perceptions on what was needed to create gambling harms safer families, communities, cities. We went onto produce a template lid with instructions that others can use to create space to talk about Gambling harms. 

A copy of that is here. For more information on Scotland Reducing Gambling Harm please visit more information on the Jigsaw lids and toolkit contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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