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Surviving panic attacks PART ONE and TWO

Surviving panic attacks PART ONE and TWO

As a survival mechanism we were given the flight or fight response, basically to help us steer clear of danger and so be safe. 

 When the 'What if' gets to be too much?

In the past, when we were out hunting our dinner, hearing a wild boar in the grass and having the extra energy to run away or have wild boar for dinner makes sense.

However, nowadays, the wild boar seems to be in our head, and we never know where or when they are coming, so we ponder 'What if.'

We rarely stay awake at night pondering how we will share our pennies when we win the lottery or how great our life is. Nope, usually, we stay awake at night reflecting on a past we cannot change or worried about a future that may never happen. And, if life does throw us a curveball, we are so exhausted worrying about what if, we are less able to deal with it.

That is not to say nowadays; we don't have things which are of concern. 

Money, employment security, climate change, our children's futures, unrest going on in the world, fears of war, feeling everyone else has been invited to this great party called life, and they forgot to send you an invitation.

Worrying about things starts to interfere with your life, either because you are having intrusive thoughts that scare you or physical symptoms that scare you.

Anxiety and panic attacks can be common. Sometimes you know why this is happening, e.g. waiting for a family member to come home late and has been to the doctors. Other times, it comes from nowhere, and you don't know why you feel like this. All you know is, you don't like it.

The videos on panic attacks and downloadable MP3's tell you more about what panic attacks are and how to manage them. Remember, if anxiety is becoming overwhelming, maybe speak to your GP or find a service near you that can offer support.

We know people are busy, try and practice some relaxation every day, even 3 minutes, which is why we included the 3 min relaxation video.

We also have wee tips for managing stress sheet in our wellbeing tips section; read and see if there are maybe some changes you need to make in your life.

Being anxious at times is natural, sometimes it can save our lives, but worrying all the time and being anxious all the time is not good for our wellbeing, and there are some things we can do ourselves to help, and if this is not enough there are others out there we can speak to. 

Relaxation in 3 minutes
Relaxation and what we can learn from frogs!

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