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Living in the Now (with Poster)

Living in the Now

Ideas for grounding ourselves in the moment.

It is understandable why we may find our minds and emotions drawn back into the past or projected forward into the future. Worrying about things we cannot change or things which may not happen. Life can be challenging, and we can face things we find upsetting. However, worrying about what may happen before it does happen drains us of the energy, we need to cope with whatever that may be if it does arise. If you are troubled by 'what ifs', this link may be interesting. Managing the what ifs.

These tips are for self-care and are not a replacement for professional advice. The idea of the tips shared in the poster in this piece is to offer us some ideas which can help ground us in the Now. To help bring our attention and focus to this minute and to find ways to make the most of those minutes. We live minute by minute. Everything else is a memory or a possibility, and yet, how often do we find ourselves taking that time to be in the moment and savour it?

Our minds can jump about all over the place. If we have had negative experiences, our mind understandably jumps to worrying about what else may happen and how we may cope. Calming our mind to be in the present does take practice. However, it can help us to recharge our batteries and to regain a sense of calm, even for a moment.

It is understandable post-pandemic and during a cost-of-living crisis that our thoughts may dwell on things which cause us concern. We may still be coming to terms with losing a loved one, a job, or a way of life; however, when we focus on our pain, which is all we can experience. Grounding ourselves in the moment reminds us we can come through this, even if that is taking it one moment at a time. This piece may be helpful if you are Coping with loss.

Each of us must find our way to make sense of the world and navigate the ups and downs of life. Our experiences are unique to us. What we offer does not claim to have all the answers. Does anyone have all the answers? It is simply something offered in kindness in the hope that something resonates with someone and helps them hold on when the seas of life are stormy, to enjoy the sunshine when it is there and to keep their face turned towards the sun and the hope that we can come through this, even if only a minute at a time. 

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