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Tips for reducing stress and improving joy in winter.

Tips for reducing stress and improving joy in winter.

I hope everyone is as well as can be considering living in these strange times in which we continue to find ourselves.

When the clocks change, many of us can find our mood takes a dip. The short video and tips in this piece may be of interest. They do not replace professional advice but can be helpful for self-care and self-management. We have also included the link to the 'coorie' as autumn and winter are the best 'coorie' weather! 

Many of us may be experiencing this sense that the world is moving and changing faster than we can adapt to keep up. 

Our high streets are changing, and when we go out, we sometimes don't recognise places that for years have been so familiar to us. 

The world of work is changing, and there are advances in technology which may bring further changes which we are only beginning to understand and keep up with! In some ways, many of us may not have processed what happened during lockdown. 

Then we were into the cost-of-living crisis, the ongoing issues of the climate crisis, wars and unrest going on around the world, and the list goes on. 

Is it any wonder we feel out of sorts? Then winter arrives!

The winter wellbeing booklet does not have all the answers; it aims to offer a range of tips in the hope that there is at least one wee thing in there that is helpful to you. The booklet's contents are as follows. Please always check with services included as details and numbers can change. We apologise in advance for any omissions or errors.

 Supports and resources.

  • Glasgow Helps

Tools which can help ground us when life feels overwhelming:

  • The Fingerhold poster.
  • The Living in the Now poster.
  • Finding Joy in every day.
General tips for wellbeing in winter:

  • Looking after antibiotics so they can look after us.
  • Wee changes that can help lift your mood.
  • Tips to beat festive stress.
  • Tips to help manage the distress of grief and loss.
  • Tips to restore your personal energy levels.
  • The Battery Dude.
  • Your battery exercise.
  • Tips to stay warm when the weather is colder.
  • Tips to being more coorie into your life.

Ideas for wellbeing as we go into 2024 and beyond:

  • Tips for Visualization to help achieve your goals.
  • Goal setting snakes and ladders.
  • Tips for journaling to help track your progress.
  • Healthier routines for wellbeing.
  • Self-care tips for 2024 and beyond.
  • Tips to regain that sense of purpose which gives what we do meaning.

We may remain in challenging times but can move on from this. It takes an effort when we feel everything looks challenging to find the light of hope, but it is still there. It beats in the heart of every person who offers a smile instead of a scowl, who thinks what about us as opposed to what about me and mine, who cares and is kind even when others may think this makes them weak. Things may be challenging now; the world may be changing fast, and there may be uncertainty. However, by working together, caring about each other, and building those social networks for positive change, we can create a kinder world for ourselves, each other, and the planet. As winter passes and we look towards a new year, let us all reflect on what we can do to be kind to ourselves, each other, and the planet. This is the time of we, not me, as we can achieve so much when we look after each other and ourselves.

"One kind word can warm three winter months."

by Japanese Proverb

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