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Ways to wellbeing (with Booklet)

Ways to wellbeing

 Find the pathway that works for you.

 Wellness is important for health, even when our health is experiencing challenges. Finding activities, tools or resources which can maximise our feelings of well-being enables us to find more hope for the future and joy for today.

We are all different. What works for one of us, may not appeal to someone else. This is fine as there are many pathways to improving our sense of emotional and psychological well-being. To determine what we do find helpful may require a bit of research, but that in itself can be a helpful distraction, if life is proving to be a wee bit overwhelming, as sometimes it can! This is about finding things which reduce our stress and increase our sense of calm.

We are grateful to Clare Lawrence-Simms for her support in putting together this little booklet which offers an introduction to Qigong. We are also grateful to the Glasgow Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund which enabled us to produce it.

The booklet does not aim to replace professional advice or the guidance of a qualified Qigong instructor. The aim is to share a little bit about the practice of Qigong and what to expect if you decide to learn more and attend a class. As ever, if you are experiencing any health conditions always check with your medical team to make sure any lifestyle changes are suitable for you.

We created this booklet as we saw how popular the Capacitar Fingerhold exercise was and wanted to share some other ideas.

Making time for your wellness matters, you matter. Life can be challenging, but there are things we can do, which can help us rise again when we fall.

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