Life purpose affirmation pack

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  • Updated: 20 June 2021
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These cards can be used alone, or with the workbooks also shared on the site. The focus is around regaining that sense of purpose.

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Even if due to health reasons we are limited in what we can do, having a sense of purpose matters to us all and having purpose, takes many forms and there are often more possibilities open to us than we realise.

To use the affirmation cards. Please take a card at random, every day, week, or when you need it.  Reflect on what the message on the card says to you. Sometimes reading the message on the card aloud can also be helpful, if this works for you.

To select a card, scroll down and stop at a card at random, if that card doesn't speak to you, select another.


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