Young people’s wellbeing affirmation deck of cards

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  • Updated: 08 November 2023
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These wellbeing affirmation cards, co-designed with young people, offer some ideas and tips for wellbeing.

They do not replace professional advice but used on a regular basis can offer some ideas and points of reflection which support a state of positive mental health.

To use the affirmation cards. Please take a card at random, every day, week, or when you need it. Reflect on what the message on the card says to you. Sometimes reading the message on the card aloud can also be helpful, if this works for you.

To select a card, scroll down and stop at a card at random, if that card doesn't speak to you, select another.
They can be used alone, or in groups, or even at team meetings to help the team focus and also care for their wellbeing.

You can also share the cards on social media with others you want to send a positive affirmation to.


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