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Why do we think putting on our own oxygen mask first is selfish?

Why do we think putting on our own oxygen mask first is selfish?

when in fact, if we do not, we cannot help anyone else……………

In an emergency on an aeroplane, we put our own oxygen masks on first, not because we are selfish or because we do not care about others, it is because we cannot help anyone put on their mask if we have passed out! 

Yet when it comes to being available to give our body a chance to recuperate and rest, we think that is indulgent, or we are too busy, or that is not for us. 

No battery, no matter how strong, can run on empty, and no person, no matter how resilient, can run on empty even when they think they can.

We have been delighted to work with QNIS in partnership with Capacitar to offer workshops to colleagues in the nursing profession. However, we realise there are people, including carers, who can find themselves in that nursing role for a loved one, and they too find it hard to be available for themselves, just to be and not be doing.

The following video is around the theme of self-care is not self-indulgent. 

We wanted to share it as we recognise people may find they are starting to run on empty and feel overwhelmed at the pain they see in those they care about or serve, which makes them push themselves harder, and take even less time to recharge. 

You also matter. This pandemic has been a challenge, and the cost-of-living crisis adds to those challenges. We serve others from retail to delivery, working in communities, volunteering, working in food banks, money advice services and more. 

We hope the video offers something which anyone who finds they care so much for others they find it hard to be available to care for themselves may value

We have also shared a wee postcard with tips on feeling more energetic and a wee tips sheet on relaxation. 

We are all different. What matters is you find something that works for you, to be able to pause even for a few moments and just be and not be doing 

"Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective." 


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