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How do I open up to someone? What do I say?

How do I open up to someone? What do I say?

It is important to find someone who is a good listener. More and more is being done to raise awareness of the fact some people care.

The Samaritans are running a campaign, 'Small Talk Saves Lives. With the support of many organisations, Carnegie UK is looking at what can be done to encourage kinder communities.

We have helplines such as Breathing Space, where maybe if you don't know how to start a conversation with someone you know, you could open up to someone you don't know.

The following tips sheets offer some ideas on how we can open up and share with others how we feel and offer some ideas on how we can listen when someone else needs to share.

Sometimes we do need to seek professional advice. However, sometimes we need to know someone is listening and cares. 

In addition to the tip's sheets on the art of conversation, there is also a kinder conversation postcard that you can download and send to someone to let them know you care. 

Life can be challenging; looking out for each other can make it less so.

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