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How are you monitoring, spending and topping up your personal energy levels? Even the strongest battery needs a recharge and so do we!

Even the strongest battery needs a recharge and so do we!

With more demands on our time, but no more time in the day to meet those demands it matters more than ever we find ways to use our time in a way which is most effective to meet our needs. The same goes for where we invest our energy and how we replenish it.

 Assessing your energy, being mindful of how you spend it and where you top it up again

This piece includes some simple tools you may find helpful.

'The Battery Dude'

A simple way to check in with your energy every day, or throughout the day to help you become Mindful of your energy levels and when you need to recharge.

'The Battery exercise'

It is a simple idea to explore where you spend your energy, how you top it back up, and whether perhaps some changes could be made that are better for your overall well-being.

'Energy tips'

A simple postcard with some tips on recharging your batteries and the option if you decide to make a promise to yourself to be more Mindful of your energy levels.

Sometimes there are challenges with no easy answers, and sometimes all we can do is reduce their impact. 

When we are tired it matters, even more, we find ways to recharge. There are many ideas on this site to promote self-care, please feel free to visit. 

We are all different. What matters is that you find something which works for you. 

Some of us recharge by spending time alone, some by being in company, some by doing something active, and others by having time to put our feet up. 

Check out the post on your own Jigsaw Lid for Wellbeing and consider, what pieces you need to bring into your life, so your energy levels work and are sustained in a way most helpful to you and those around you. We are only human, we all have our limits, taking time out to recharge isn't selfish, it's survival.

"There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either."

by Unknown

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