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Tips for autumn and winter wellness (PDF booklet)

Tips for autumn and winter wellness

Each year we produce a winter wellness booklet, this year we have released it a couple of months earlier as we know with the cost-of-living crisis and other challenges we are facing that some wee tips on looking after ourselves during this time may be helpful, even if the tips to beat festive stress may be a wee bitty early!! 

We do not claim even for a moment that this booklet has all the answers, do any of us have all the answers? It aims to offer some ideas where perhaps we can suffer less or mitigate the impact of the challenges we face. Remember, if you ever feel so overwhelmed you think of suicide, please speak to someone. The Samaritans are there 24/7 365 Tel No 116 123. There are other resources in the booklet on this piece and there is an article on the website 'Hope through Action' which may also be of interest.

Tips for autumn and winter wellness flipbook

Sometimes life is challenging, and those challenges go on longer than we want. There is another resource on our site around resilience, endurance, stamina and hope to face the challenges on the sea of life. We only have so much energy and it matters where we spend it. Focusing on its bad and only going to get worse, makes us feel exhausted. Finding ways to overcome our challenges or where they hurt less may not make them all go away, BUT we may find we suffer less, hope more, and find more moments of joy in our everyday lives.

The booklet offers ideas around the following and we have also shared a link to a video on lifting our mood:

  • Tips to lift your mood
  • Tips to beat festive stress
  • Fingerholds to manage emotions
  • Tips to self-manage the distress of grief and loss
  • Tips to have more energy
  • Tips to keep warm in winter
  • Coorie the Scottish way to wellbeing
  • Little self-care tips
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Living Meaningfully and Mindfully
  • Useful numbers, helplines and website
  • Every day is a day to start afresh
  • Tips for visualisation
  • Tips for journaling
  • Goal setting

You matter, people do care and look out for each other it is amazing what we can achieve and overcome.

Finding common priorities matter
Wellbeing and money (PDF Booklet)

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