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Wellbeing and money (PDF Booklet)

Wellbeing and money (PDF Booklet)

Money may not be the answer to everything, but financial security helps!

COPEScotland recognises the impact that worrying about money has on our health and well-being. The constant bombardment on the news about the cost-of-living crisis and the evidence of our own experience of rising prices in the shops and energy bills makes us very aware that we need to be mindful of our budgets and find ways to manage when what we have coming in, does not balance with what we have going out.

Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by financial worries we think about suicide. If you ever feel so despairing you think of suicide, please talk to someone. The Samaritans are there 24/7 365, we also have other resources listed in the booklet in this piece.

Navigating the sea of life during the storms of financial challenges FLIPBOOK.

We may all experience the cost-of-living crisis differently. For some people it may mean fewer holidays or nights out, for others, it may mean cutting back on wee treats when shopping, for some it may mean not eating a proper meal so the children can eat.

We put together this booklet because we recognise the current state of the economy is another stressor on top of what may feel like many other stressors. It does not replace the expert financial advice from money advice groups, nor sadly does it have all the answers…………. Do any of us? What we hope, is that there is something there which is helpful, even a wee bit.

Please feel free to print pages as needed to share and if you are a group wanting to print your copies please get in touch and we can send you a copy for printing. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We recognise not everyone is online, however, we hope that people who are, share this information with others who perhaps are not.

We have also included on the website a tool which can help manage emotions including anxiety as it's important when we are faced with life challenges, we find a way to reduce the impact of stress where we can.

Finding ways to be kind to ourselves, each other and the planet will help sustain us while we move through what are strange and challenging times. Remember, you do matter, people do care, and there is often more support than we realise. Sometimes we may need to look for it, but it is there.

 A new website providing information on the wide range of advice and financial support available to people in Scotland has been launched.

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