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Tips to manage the stress of moving home.

Tips to manage the stress of moving home.

There can be many reasons why we find ourselves moving home. Even when it is something we are looking forward to, it can be quite stressful.

If it is being forced upon us due to circumstances beyond our control, it can be even more stressful, even distressing. 

Maybe we are closing the house of a loved one and sorting out their belongings. 

This can bring up so many memories. It can sometimes feel like we are losing them all over again. These wee tips do not replace professional advice. 

They are points for reflection which may help reduce your stress, whatever the reason you are moving home. 

You may also want to visit the document section on the website, which offers other tips for wellbeing, including suffering loss.

It's important at any time of stress to make time for your wellbeing and to know you don't always need to do this alone. There can be help available. 

The ''who's who'' booklet on the website may offer some ideas on supports near you if that is something which you may find helpful. 

Sometimes when we are moving, we get so caught up in the stress of the move, we forget perhaps this is a new chapter beginning for us. 

Perhaps also visit the visualisation materials in the document section of the site, as you may find having something to focus on beyond this stressful time also helps sustain you as you move through it.

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